1. The Agreement will cease to be valid if either party fails to fulfil the terms of the agreement within the time the Agreement is submitted till the end of the event date.

2. Media Partners / Press must send photos three days after the event to IARA Marketing Administrator for proofing, prior to sending any scheduled emails to their subscriber base; the Marketing Administrator must also be copied into the distribution list.

3. The Agreement is to be terminated if communication is not returned within 10 working days, unless otherwise agreed.

4. Media Partners must not engage in activity implying that they are contacting advertisers on behalf of the event unless expressly authorised in writing to do so by IARA.

5. Media Partners must provide, where possible, copies of published materials featuring artwork or editorial based on the event.

6. All agreed print advertising must be published before an event for pre-event exposure, this unless otherwise agreed.

7. Media Partners must provide logos in both EPS and JPEG format in high definition.

8. Placement of Media Partner logos are subject to deadlines of print material and availability of Media Partner logos.

9. Press Passes issued are for registered representative and are not transferable; passes will only be issued to those in press capacity and representatives will be required to present valid accreditation onsite.

10. Press Pass registration forms must be received by IARA at least 5 working days prior to the event, passes cannot be guaranteed if not received by this deadline.

11. IARA retains the right to limit or ban the access of press to the event and its sessions.

12. Media Partners / Press are requested to name the event as the information source in any article written about/at the event.

13. Media Partners / Press are requested to credit IARA as the event organiser in any article written about/at the event.

14. Media Partners/Press are requested to send IARA a copy of all articles written about/at the event within 7 days of the event.

For press enquires please send your CV to: info@iara-awards.org